Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DieciGiorni 10DAYS about to appear in all its glory

Starting next week, the 10th of September, continuing Fridays through Sundays until the 19th of September, at Thick House, 1695 18th Street, San Francisco, a collaborative opera between Jim Cave, Lisa Prosek, Davide Verotta, Martha Stoddard and myself.

Tickets are at Brown Paper Tickets.

a big cast

Maria Mikheyenko, Soprano
Crystal Philippi, Mezzo
William Sauerland, CounterTenor
Wayne Wong, Tenor
Sascha Joggerst, Baritone
Robert Ernst, Narrator
Roham Shaikhani, Etc

from the opening

From time to time, even here in the countryside on a beautifully crisp and sunny day, we hear the quiet sobbing of those left alive, embarrassed by what they have done, a husband who has stepped out, promising a doctor for his stricken wife, but in truth fleeing the city, condemning her and her children to a lonely and frightful death.

from the five bachelorettes

We shopped, blew threw this mall with the highest high end, where every designer imaginable has a boutique.
I’ve never tried on a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes before.
Leopard print shoes with red patent leather heels and red shoes with cheetah print heels.
Naomi bought some boots that she still wears all the time.
Breaking open a case of whip-its that were ordered online, that she had delivered to the hotel, she told us a story how she had a friend that worked at someplace, maybe Airgas, and they found a canister and would get it filled there, but he got fired, and now they have to get food grade nitrous in those little chargers, which can be recycled, but still, you have to wonder what the garbage man thinks when he picks up the trash and all those little metal canisters are clinking around.

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zmjezhd said...

Most enjoyable, dottorino, but how come your pieces didn't have Boccaccian day and novella numbers?

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