Sunday, May 6, 2007

Noisy People

Former League of Automatic Music Composers and Hub member and friend and sometimes Muscle Fish colleague Tim Perkis has just released his labor-of-love documentary Noisy People. It features eight people in the San Francisco improvised music community, covering as much or more of the way they live their life and who they are as it does their music. It includes such notables as my ex-neighbor and band-f├╝hrer Dan Plonsey (Daniel Popsicle), the great Greg Goodman who once, when I was experiencing the worst art career depression and angst, simply took a small scrap of paper and wrote Do Better, a cameo appearance by the late bassist Matthew Sperry, who played in the Seattle Creative Orchestra's performance of Sub Pontio Pilato, and many others. My son Duncan and I went to see the premiere at the Pacific Film Archive and you should see it too. Very beautiful and also very entertaining, very funny. A portrait of uncompromising creativity in life and art.

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