Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two faces turned away from each other

My longtime friends Carola and Henry and Lou Lou and George are featured in the local weekly this week. Online here and worth a look-see.  They are a high-achieving family, lives of epic proportions with fingers in many many pies, here, there and around the world. The kids are the latest stars.

I met them all (well, those of them who actually had been born) back in the heady early days of the Just Intonation Network. Years later, Henry asked me to write the music for one of Jon Jost's films - the history of which has been covered here. After the fallout cleared from the death of that movie-making marriage and my actual marriage, I ended up as Henry's tenant in a cute little cottage south of Market, hanging out with him and his wife at many an event, the details of most of which will have to wait until the deaths of all the participants, or at least until the statute of limitations has run its course.

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