Saturday, July 31, 2010

more on The Ten Days

The Decameron opera project, Dieci Giorni, the ten days, a joint composition with some of my fellow SFCCO composers, The Mighty Coterie of the SF Bay Area, toodles along towards its eventual deflagration. It's been different than I expected, although I don't know exactly how I came to those expectations. It hasn't been as deep a collaboration as I would have hoped, each of us discussing every mark of the score, passing texts around, fistfights breaking out between us, resolved only by drunken tears. But in the end, each of us has trundled off to each of our mountain redoubts to scribble out separately our separate amusements, amusing ourselves but not each other, packing our cannon with the finished goods and blasting them in the general direction of the next stronghold over, whereupon it merely hits the fortifications and skids off into the valley below. It will be up to Jim Cave to assemble the puzzle and test its viability as a living entity, sending back runners to report the results. 

But along the way I have had an opportunity to watch the Pasolini Version again, which is lovely, the image above taken from it. And I've been able to write some texts that I'm proud of, including the story of the five bachelorettes misplacing a box of whip-its, and to remember the ins and outs of the accordion, also lovely.
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