Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The International

Went to see the thriller The International a few days ago.  Caught a glimpse of my old friend Thomas Morris playing Chief Inspector Reinhard Schmidt. Here he is above as the fulcrum, the Angel of Death (or something to that effect) in Jon Jost's The Bed You Sleep In, stealing the scene, backed by my favorite music from the film.


Rob said...

As a great admirer of Sure Fire and The Bed You Sleep In -- the penetrating and mysterious effects of which are unimaginable to me without your contributions -- I wish the available DVDs these woefully under-exposed films were of the quality they so greatly deserve!

Erling Wold said...

Thanks Mr. Sica, very kind of you. It's true that Jon's films have never been transferred well. And they are so pretty on the screen; it's unfortunate.

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