Monday, August 18, 2008

Favorite mentions of mentions

Kathleen posted one of my tainted angel photos but the above is even more so. The dear late lamented boyish boy.  And I like the work of Majena Mafe, who seems to have tangentially linked to me by her copying of Alex Ross's longish enumeration; and isn't that a lovely bit of psychosis-engendering at the top of her blog?


majena mafe said...

Hello, thank you for your mention, I've only just noticed it. I've been listening to some of your pieces and find then quite wonderful, and thrilling. I am writing a PhD on sounded-language and writing a voice opera called ...the biography of things, that explicates the research, its a 3 part disharmony featuring Gertrude Stein, Marie Antoinette and Annie Oakley...pulling apart language and the voice, and the relationship between language and objects so very abstract.

I have some of my latest sound works on

I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance

Erling Wold said...

Thanks for the link. I adore it. The hog-calling collages & mirroring Rorschach images: reflecting something important about the object reflected and releasing some forensic examination of the psyche too. I spent some time wandering around your site the first time I saw it and was entranced by a lot of it, Mary Tyler Moore's cunt and all.

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